Hello…? Is anyone there?

So, I’ve searched up and down blog sites across the web, creating and deleting profiles and empty blog pages. For years I’ve been debating whether or not I wanted to blog or vlog, what site I wanted to join, and what I would write about. Well, I narrowed and down and finally, I landed here. I’ve perused a few blogs, and opted to follow other blogs before I even set up my own page. I wanted to get an idea and see if I have what it takes to be a blogger. After reading a few blogs, and checking out some of the topics, I realized that this is what I want to do. I don’t always like the way I look on camera so what better way to express myself than in a blog.

Since setting up my page, I browsed a few blogs again to see where I should start. I debated whether I should start from the beginning, the present, or start my blog out with some outrageously gripping story that would make people want to follow me, but then I settled for this. (I hope I’m not the only person in the blog world with this problem.) I know I want to write. I’ve wanted to ever since I was a kid. And now here I am…I’m finally doing it. I just have to make sure I push the publish button when it’s a said…well typed and done!

Alright, let’s get to it.

My name is Eveline Monet. I’m not necessarily named after anyone, but after searching the web for the meaning, I realized that I’m named after a short story written by some Irish guy, and also after a French painter. So I figure I’m destined to have some sort of talent. Being that I struck out in the art department, I guess I’ll stick with writing. My name means “solitary life” well, technically it means “life solitary” but hey…it’s my name, let me do as I please. I’m 25 years young, a mother of a gorgeous 5 years old I’ll refer to as “Baby”. I am a working woman with lots of time on my hands at night so hopefully I can keep up on my blog.

The direction of my blog: Everywhere and beyond. I have a pretty hectic and distorted life at times I’m just going to go with the flow. My blog will probably fall somewhere between the “R” and “X” rating. My topics may be sporadic because this is my avenue of  release. So, sometimes I may lash out, sometimes I may misspell words, and I may put my commas in the wrong place.Sometimes I want my writing to be pure, uncensored and uncut so most times I write without editing on purpose to keep the “rawness” and fresh emotion in my writing. I just want to have this as a place to unwind. And at the end of the day…I don’t want to be judged. I’m not out to offend, and I’m not out to pretend. I’m just here to give the blogging world the Pieces of Me.

So, hello…? Is anyone there?



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