Date NIght

Have you ever started writing something…just to stop that and start writing something else? Yeah…that’s me.

      So, I was perusing the internet; social media sites, blogs etc and I came across a poster of a movie I had recently seen. It was a movie I wanted to see since I watched the first preview. For the people that know me, family and friends, I tend to watch movies (and television shows) well after the premier.  That was the case with this movie. I left town for work and I just so happened to see the movie with a “John” who had the same comedic taste as I. It was somewhat of a normal night. We had dinner with a friend, talked, laughed then dropped her off back at her room so we could see the movie. In my eyes it was sort of a date night. Dinner and a movie with two people who are somewhat emotionally and extremely sexually connected. Come on… To me that screams DATE NIGHT! Well, anyway, we drove to the theatre where he paid for our tickets (yes he paid so it’s officially a date). He asked me if I wanted a snack but I respectfully declined and we walked into our theater. He picked our seats (all the way at the top) and we sat down to laugh at the previews and answer the movie trivia before the main event.

      During the entire movie, I had the strongest inkling to do what I usually do to “Johns” who announce that our outing for the night is a date: I wanted to cross my legs (like a lady) and hook my foot behind his leg. I do it all the time. It’s my thing. But for some reason I couldn’t seem to bring myself any closer than simply crossing my leg, kicking him in the shin and apologizing. I felt like a klutz because it had happened so many times throughout the movie. I really liked this guy and I wanted to feel his body against mine even if in the smallest way, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Well, needless to say, I never did my signature move (hooking the leg behind the leg). I felt like an idiot because when we made it back to my room…we had sex!

      Being with this guy made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. He was a Southern gentleman. He didn’t open the car door for me but he did something that made me feel like a lady. I think it was just knowing how “good” he treated his girlfriend back home. That seemed to make me fall even harder for this guy. Why? Don’t ask! Funny thing is, exactly one week before he took me to the movies, he had been in that same theatre with his girlfriend. He posted a picture of the same movie poster I had posted on one of my social media sites, on his! Yes, I knew he had already seen the movie, but it just tickled me how he could take me…the “Mistress”, to the same place he took his woman.

Talk about a Date Night.



 Photo:We heart it


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