Her Thoughts

Is it wrong for a dreamer to dream

Is it wrong for a believer to believe           

Is it wrong for me to hate him

So why is it hard for me to leave

See, leaving makes things easy

And staying is just too hard,

I figured it’d be easier if we were miles and miles apart

He yells at me while I’m packing

And throws things at the door

He tells me I have no future

And that’s kind of hard to ignore

He tells me life’s not black and white

He says most of it looks gray

He says he can make it crystal clear if I unpack my bags and stay

I hang up my clothes and put away my shoes and lock the door behind me

Kicking out my hopes and locking out my dreams that now don’t know where to find me

He pats my back and says “Good job. You knew better than to leave.”

“You know life’s not fair and it damn sure aint easy and you know you can’t do it without me.”

So, now here I lay in awe and tears wondering if he’s right.

While fear tucks me in and doubt kisses my head and he proudly whispers “goodnight.”




image: We heart it


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