You and Me Makes…Three?

I recently read a blog online about threesomes. That for me is a fantasy and fobidden zone wrapped in one. For starters, every threesome has to have rules, boundaries, guidlines and most importantly willig participants. Not just willing participants but understanding participants. Threesomes are not for the faint of heart. They are not for the jealous type either. And most importantly it is definitely not for the lazy.
For me, a threesome comes with a contract! And no I’m joking. For me it is a contract being entered and all the rules must be obeyed. I see it as me being a dominatrix by way of contract. I make the rules and they happily obey. No, I’m not a dominatrix but it is definitely on my bucket list…if Ihad one!
As much as I know a threesome wouldn’t happen in my current relationship, it’s still nice to think about (when it doesn’t upset me). I’ve asked Guy on several different occasions (mainly when he was drunk but sometimes when he was sober) but the aswer has alwaays been no and will always be no. This forbidden zone I mentioned is not just because Guy doesn’t want to have a threesome, but it’s also because I don’t dare think about sharing him with another woman either. I just can’t do it. I admire couples that can not only express that fantasy by way of erotic storytelling but that plan and even act out that fantasy. As for me being in a relationship with a man that I love…a threesome is not an option! I’m definitely jealous and I am not confident enough to allow another woman into my bed to have my man admire in the slightest bit. Not that I would let it get to the bedroom, but if it ever made it that far, I would most likely lose it on both of them. And I would never let him live it down…then what?
I’ve always imagined having a threesome with another female, that way I could entertain my man. But what I don’t want to happen is for him to become more interested in her. I want him to be totally engrossed in me and  pay the other woman no mind…but what kind f threesome is that? That’s why a threesome, at this point, in my mind is just a passing thought. No longer a fantasy. I am so happy in my relationship that even the thought of it kind of angers me. But that doesn’t mea that I haven’t had one…or two!


2 thoughts on “You and Me Makes…Three?

  1. A threesome is definitely on my bucket list! …you should make one and throw that on your list as well!
    I am reading through your posts and I would like to use a few on my site! You subscribed to my WordPress page before, but I purchased my own site and took it off here! Hope you don’t mind me using, and crediting** your page! Check out my blog at! 😉
    Hope to hear from you soon! =-)

    1. I knew I wasn’t going crazy. I was looking for your page and couldn’t find you anywhere. Glad to hear you purchased your own page! That’s good. I’ll definitely check out your blog!

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